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Cenicienta, a Quinceañera with a taste of Cinderella

A musical whose blood is the exuberance and vitality of the Mariachi spirit. The colors, drama, music, and that magical first waltz of the Quinceañera tradition make this musical a powerful coming-of-age story. Memories of the audience's early years of joy and celebration with family and friends will be recreated on stage. Latino rhythms, melodies, and themes familiar to the Hispanic audience and charming for all.

"Cenicienta, a Quinceañera with a Taste of Cinderella" Mariachi Musical

"Cenicienta, a Quinceañera with a Taste of Cinderella" Mariachi Musical

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Keeping in mind the desire for high school students to have a major role in a musical, this cast requires ten major roles and two minor roles, plus a royal court which can vary in size. Keeping in mind the limitations of set design, there are only four scene changes, with additional scenes in front of a traveler, all in two acts.


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