Zimbabwean villagers, Matron, Gogo, and Sindiso take us along for the ride in the documentary “From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe” when they set off to sell their baskets at the world’s largest folk art market, held one weekend a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These uniquely appealing heroines stretch beyond their personal and cultural boundaries as they reach for a better life. Their creativity, persistence, and humor in the face of the unexpected twists and turns along the road, inspire us to rethink our own notions of sustainability, success, and prosperity.

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BLESSID is an award-winning supernatural thriller about Sarah, a suicidal pregnant woman with a cursed past, who forms a bond with her neighbor Jedediah. When Sarah discovers that Jedediah is immortal, she realizes that he has been shadowing her since childhood to save her from an unnatural and premature death.


What happens when resources run out, unemployment is denied, and savings accounts are depleted? Darius and Josephine Blackmon find themselves living in their car with two young children. Family and friends that lent them money are no more due to their own financial hardship. Kevin Allen, a prominent school teacher, feels that he is making a difference by helping parents keep their children in school with government vouchers, filling in where the paychecks stop. Darius and his family try to keep up appearances during the day and stay out of sight at night, all while holding on to one another in a hidden America. What happens when the two men's lives cross? Written by M. Legend Brown

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Madam Marina is highly stylized, sexy, and thought-provoking, a surreal visit to a unique world.  The story portrays the seduction of a young Guerrilla soldier by an aging prostitute while they are held hostage in a war-ridden village.

The film embodies a Tennessee Williams sensibility where magic and raw emotion drive the human spirit to ardently seek truth in the face of death.

Steps of Faith is a light-heart dramedy about Faith Houston an accountant, who is directed by God to move to a small town to work on a Hippotherapy farm helping children. Faith is mocked by her family since she doesn't have a rapport with children or animals and is not a devout Christian. Faith decides to follow her heart and move after she encounters several challenges. She finds herself at the farm in the horse stalls shoveling manure. Faith cracks under pressure and leaves after a child is almost injured questioning whether she heard God's voice or not.


Steps of Faith


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Jon Terrell Carson loves to worship God, but his way of showing it is a bit unconventional which creates conflict in his church to the point where the members of the congregation petition and have him removed from the church. Jon's Bishop sends him to a new church that better fits his style of worship and the new congregation loves Jon, but there are some unresolved issues at his new church home that cause new problems for Jon. A Man Called Jon is an endearing, light-hearted dramedy, with a fun, yet powerful message of unconditional love and acceptance that will have you reexamining how you look at others and what is truly considered normal.


A Man Called Jon