Selection of works commissioned to celebrate legacies, traditions, and cultural endowments...

"La Aurora"

Written for orchestra and prehispanic percussion, commissioned by the Ballard Civic/Orquesta Northwest, Seattle, WA for Mexico's Independence celebrations, premiered at the Nordic Museum,

Paula Madrigal, Conductor.

"La Aurora" is part of "Haciendas de México" a musical journey that revisits those great production ranches from the late 1800s.
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Selections of the Music commissioned by the City of San Antonio, Texas, for the year-round festivities of the 300 years of its foundation.  Tracks were used in relevant events and in promotional video pieces.

Also, The Witte Museum produced a video with a  recap of the most relevant moments in

San Antonio's history.

Original Score and Soundesign.



Contemporary Ballet Suite

CosmovisionNacimientoBallet Suite.jpg

Contemporary Ballet Suite commissioned by the  Department for
Culture & Creative Development of the City of San Antonio for the closing ceremony of the AFTA (Americans for the Arts) convention.  The music is a blend of Pre-Hispanic instruments, Náhuatl readings, and contemporary folk instruments and Electronica.

Choreographer: Seme Jatib